whole house surge protection round mableton ga

Surge Protection

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We've all heard people talking about getting surge protection, but is it really necessary?

First things first, a surge protector is a device with two main functions. One is to give you the ability to plug multiple appliances into one single power outlet, and the second is to protect your electronic devices. A power surge can increase the voltage above regular levels, causing a greater flow of electricity. Even if this lasts less than a second, this event can cause great damage to your appliances. Protect your Mableton, GA property, and reach out to our surge protection company to schedule a service.

Get Surge Protection for Your Appliances

Getting whole house surge protection means that you won’t have to worry about malfunctioning devices. We know you bought your new TV and fridge with your hard-earned money. Keep them protected at all times by getting our services. We’ll arrive at your home, install the device and test it so you can see it in action. If you are still not sure about getting this device, reach out to us, and we’ll tell you more about how it can make your life less stressful.

Prevent Damage to Your Electrical Devices

Ensure optimum protection from electrical surges for your Mableton, GA home or business.
Getting a whole house surge protector with our professionals at S & S Electrical Services means that you’ll get a variety of benefits. As a trusted surge protection company, we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee backed with the best manufacturer’s warranty available on the market. Talk to our electricians today to find out more!

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